Monday, June 23, 2008

More dangers or raw milk

Two news stories show up today on the dangers of raw milk radar. Though there are some benefits (as described in earlier posts) as of now I cannot recommend raw milk to anyone other than healthy adults because of the dangers associated with the product. Even then there is an increased level of risk. The jury is out as the whether the benefits from raw milk might not be gotten from other foods in the diet that are not as potentially dangerous.

Rare Form of Tuberculosis Reappears in California / findingDulcinea

A nearly obsolete strain of TB crops up among Hispanic immigrants consuming unpasteurized dairy products.
Couple Admits To Distributing E. coli-Tainted Milk - News Story - KIRO Seattle
COWLITZ COUNTY, Wash. -- A Cowlitz County couple has pleaded guilty to distributing milk responsible for an E. coli outbreak in Washington and Oregon in 2005.