Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Return to Health (Points)

Yes - it is true that I have been crazy busy for the past six years first entering a new career that had a ton of travel and then building that career with ever increasing travel while also (at least trying) to maintain connection with family. Overall I think largely successful. But my interest in health is still here as is my interest in science and the scientific method. So I think it is time to revive the Health Points blog. I will attempt to post regularly (though I always get a little intimidated about writing) with a post per fortnight being the goal. There - done it. I've made a goal.

I have to admit that one of the reasons I want to return to this is my desire to write more. Somehow in my field of expertise (integration of physical and social sciences to promote sustainable development) I find writing to be more challenging. This is because of the level of importance I put on it. This blog, though valuable to me, is safer for me to post to since I make no claims to be a health expert. This fo course does not mean that I cannot learn, research and otherwise connect the dots. Seriously - there is not that big a divide between "everyday people" and many "experts". It is simply a matter of who is tracking what - this is good to remember. 

Goals by the way are the number one way to promote behavior change in oneself (or anyone - as long as they "own" the goal). Though the latest craze among the "in the know" set talk about how we humans do not possess "free will" (see SciAm or io9) this belief (though rooted in research) emerges only from an understanding of a small window in the choice-behavior cycle. In short - since our neurons fire before we take an action, even our seemingly random "choice" was predetermined (by our brain). But we do have a way to retrain our brains (called making new habits) and with that it is my claim that we regain "free will" and can regain control of our lives.

So quit those cigarettes, quit eating those chocolate chip cookies every day (yes, that one is directed at me) and get out and walk, run, or otherwise have fun. Set the goals, perhaps fail to make them sometimes (perhaps inevitable?), love yourself anyway, and keep moving forward. You will make change - that is assured.

In addition to writing more I hope to update the look and feel of the site. Please at any time - feel free to add a comment or otherwise contact me if you like or don't like what you read or have suggestions on topics you'd like me to research, cover or direct you to.

Thanks all and happy health goal setting to us all

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